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The Additive Manufacturing, Performance & Tribology (AMPT) Center at Rice University is an industry-focused, multidisciplinary research unit that leverages the deep expertise of Rice engineering faculty to solve the fundamental problems facing Industry 4.0.  This designation refers to the companies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which technologies spanning the physical, digital, and biological worlds are changing how people work and live, and how products are produced and consumed.

The core competencies of the AMPT Center — additive manufacturing, advanced materials processing, tribology, and tribomechadynamics — underpin the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies of production.  The work of the AMPT Center:

  • Broadly impacts the way engineering machines and devices (including biomedical, energy, and electromechanical systems) with surfaces in relative motion are manufactured, monitored, and maintained for extended lifetimes.
  • Brings together Rice and industry researchers to use numerous tools to advance the performance of Industry 4.0 technologies, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things (machines, sensors, and the big data they produce), augmented/virtual reality, and multiphysics simulations-based engineering.
  • Prepares the Industry 4.0 product-manufacturing workforce, by training engineering students from the undergraduate to post-doctoral levels to design customer-tailored products from the end to the beginning.  AMPT students apply deep fundamental engineering concepts leading to products and components that are individualized to achieve extended lifetimes and custom-optimized tribological, mechanical, material, and dynamic performance.


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  • Media inquiries:  Please contact George Webb, AMPT Industry Liaison, at (713) 348-2704 or gwebb@rice.edu

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